GELLING AGENT Satiagelā„¢ VPC 614 – Kappa Carraghenan
Thanks to the experience and know-how on carrageenan technology, Cargill offers a range of carrageenans, ingredients derived from nature and approved by COSMOS, which allow us to enter a sensory world and create innovative formulas ideal for cosmetics with few ingredients. Several products for multiple textures with a single INCI Name, Carrageenan/ Chondrus crispus extract.
These carrageenans are sourced from sustainable red seaweed through a unique sustainability program, Red Seaweed Promiseā„¢, which ensures a long-term sustainable supply chain. This program is specifically designed to address key sustainability challenges for the harvesting and cultivation of these seaweeds, while enhancing producer livelihoods, supporting local communities, and conserving the marine environment.